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Hispánica de globos, S.L. is a family business created at the end of 2010 to venture into a project called Balloonia.

Our history

Manufacturers and printers of natural rubber latex balloons, we have been involved in the world of balloons for decades…

Please allow us to give a brief introduction for all those who have not yet worked with us or who have worked with us but do not know the history of our company, Balloonia.

In 2012, the Manzano family started this project with great enthusiasm and the desire to create something special. Today, we are still in the process of improving and perfecting our work, always trying to obtain results that are purely based on the satisfaction of our customers and the excellence of our production.

Over the years it has been our goal to improve, to advance and to persist. All this effort has made it possible for us to create a wide variety of balloon models, as well as a wide range of colours, which have allowed us to position ourselves in a prominent place in the world of professional balloon decoration.

This year we have managed to reduce our environmental impact by installing photovoltaic panels.


Our production results in a biodegradable product; we use natural rubber latex and organic pigments for our production, which are periodically subjected to exhaustive controls by approved laboratories, thus ensuring full compliance with current regulations.

On a technical level, we could offer you extensive information about the manufacturing process, printing and handling of our balloons, but we will highlight the most important points that will trace the roadmap of our company:

We manufacture balloons low in nitrosamines, high colour intensity and resistance. Hispánica de globos, S.L. has acquired the commitment to continuously improve the efficiency of the quality management system developed, carrying out periodic reviews of the same. For this reason, the management of Hispánica de globos, S.L. is committed to carrying out this policy, establishing a Quality Management System in accordance with the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 standard.

These actions have had a positive impact on the number of national and international distributors who, day by day, value the quality of the product and our commitment to the customer.

We are passionate about our work, and those who work with us both nationally and internationally know of our professionalism, flexibility, and our deep respect for the client.

Low nitrosamine balloons
Biodegradable balloons
Quality certificates
Members of the AEFJ

We are committed to a young, dynamic team, eager to improve the brand, without forgetting the foundations of this great project. That is why our team of workers is a committed team.

We are building a community based on the commitment, affection and trust we place in our clients, making them part of this big family called Balloonia. A family that already has a large number of customers in different countries, expanding and opening to new horizons in order to bring to different corners of the world the passion and love for balloons that reigns in us for several generations.

In short, Balloonia is a company with a strong sense of responsibility, involvement and innovation from the beginning of its creation to the present day.

From humility, respect and the desire to continue in this process of search… We look forward to seeing you along the way!

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