We know you care about the environment and so do we!


Latex is a natural product derived from tree sap (rubber tree plantations consume C02, which means they reduce global warming).

Latex is a suitable substrate for the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, which degrade the material, this demonstrates its high degree of biodegradability and this also makes Balloonia balloons biodegradable.

But wait! We have more:

  • Our pigments are organic
  • We use solar energy for our production
  • Ecological awareness: “Throw it away!”

On the other hand, our merchandising products are made from 100% recyclable materials.

This makes Balloonia a 100% committed brand.

kWh and CO2 reduced

We are managing to reduce our environmental impact and become more energy efficient by installing photovoltaic panels at our facilities! So far this is what we have achieved:

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